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Are We Prepared for the Future?

Posted by Admin Posted on Oct 08 2019          Albert Einstein once said that time is relative; however, it is measurable and finite when considering the average individuals earning potential.  There will be a day soon where we must consider ending our careers.  When we stop generating a steady income from the labor resources we will have to rely on any investments, savings, and retirement that was created during our productive years.  The sooner we make retirement a priority the more financially stable and stress-free we will be.

          It is not a secret that people today live longer on average than people did in the past.  Consider living past eighty or ninety years.  Will one be able to bear the financial requirement of fifteen to thirty years with only social security payments?  What if social security goes away and we are left to what we have saved and invested.  Are we prepared?  This is not generally thought of when we are young but as we get closer to the age of retirement it becomes more and more of a stress-inducing concern.


            While most of us would say we will work until we drop, our employers or customers may have a different idea.  As we age our ability to perform our duties at a high-level decrease.  We may not have a choice and be forced into retirement or our clients may seek help from a younger more energetic service provider.  We must prepare for and be ready when the time comes to put down the hammer, shovel, pencil, or calculator.            We are never too young to start saving for retirement, and anyone can accomplish this task.  The first thing we must do is make saving for retirement a priority then we can develop a saving and investment plan to accomplish that goal.  Richard Black, CPA is a fiduciary that can review the current retirement plan and assist in protecting assets and guiding to create sound financial the decision to ensure the financial future is a prosperous one.